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Hip-hop duo creates Indigenous-themed coloring books

If you’ve ever heard her voice, you’ll recognize it instantly. It’s a soulful blend of Etta James and Chris Cornell.

The Dineh Tah Dancers succeeded in their mission of sharing the story of the Treaty of 1868 at two significant historic sites earlier this month, their leader reported.

Trading posts were such a fact of life for so many years in the Four Corners that many of us haven’t thought about how unique this system of commerce really was.

Around these parts, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know this year marks the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of 1868.

Spin-off helps Diné weave traditional skills into busy lives

The Navajo Nation Museum hosts “spinoffs” — days for working on weaving, knitting or other wool projects — the third Saturday of every month except May and June.

Buy a yarn or spin one at one-stop shop for weavers

The style is modern, but the symbols are as old as the Diné. The language is English, but the words are from stories that were retold over the generations in Navajo before they were ever written down.

Fiber artist creates a fitting tribute to his first mentor