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Raymond Lee, Diné, from Shiprock, has a jovial smile and a sincere way of getting his point across.

JMI inspires participants to improve lives

Leanne Lee saw the impact of childhood hunger first hand in her last job.

Fighting a ‘losing’ battle against youth obesity

Jennifer Gorman’s struggles with sexual identity and college depression pushed at the edge of her mind for their chance to come into the world.

As long as a newborn baby does not have difficulty breathing and does not have a problem that needs further care, naked and unbathed, they are put on their mother’s bare chest and will remain there until the first breastfeeding is accomplished at the very minimum.

At home as a young person, Cheryl Willie of Rough Rock Chapter learned her traditions.

Local man controls disease by competing in marathons

Do Navajos really understand the health risks of secondhand tobacco smoke?

On September 11, runners from tribes across New Mexico converged at a crossroad on the state fairgrounds as an American flag waved above them in the afternoon breeze.