Nizhoni Girls, Diné bands rock Albuquerque

Navajo Times | Terry Bowman
Lilith singer and guitarist for Heather Jordan performs at the Moonlight Lounge in downtown Albuquerque on Friday, April 28, as part of the debut.


The Moonlight Lounge was filled to capacity as the debut show of the newest Diné rock band Nizhoni Girls took place on April 28.

Located next to the historic Sunshine Theater, the show was comprised of mostly Diné bands such as the Flossies, Lilith, Night Kids and Nizhoni Girls. The show was dubbed the Asdzaa Warrior Fest Benefit as proceeds will go to the Asdzaa Warrior Fest on June 17 at the Ke Infoshop in Window Rock.

Hipsters, rockers and punk rock fanatics were in attendance as the Nizhoni Girls, comprised of singer/guitarist Rebecca Jones, bassist Liz McKenzie and drummer Lisa Lorenzo, took the stage with their heavy punk inspired music.

“It went very well,” said Jones. “We had a lot of people and a lot of support from the community.”

The fierce music of Nizhoni Girls is a staple for the Diné music scene as they were loud, fast and melodic and proved that an all-female rock band is capable of achieving success. The group just formed in January.

The band performed for nearly half an hour with their version of punk and moody blues and received positive feedback from the Albuquerque crowd.

“Thanks for coming out,” said McKenzie.

The Flossies of Fort Defiance headlined th…

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