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Outside the brand new Denny’s restaurant Sunday, the line was snaking through the parking lot and was almost out to the street as people eagerly waited to be among the first served at Chinle’s first sit-down chain restaurant.

Seven years ago, the Navajo Nation burst onto the gaming scene with its flagship casino located on Historic Route 66.

The animation of an elephant jumping on a trampoline had the crowd silent as they watched and experienced the start of Change Labs 2015.

Bed & Breakfast offers visitors slice of Navajo life

Usually when you hear the term “dead pawn,” it means you’ve lost something forever, but in this case it means you’re getting something new.

… when will the federal government follow through with promises made in the early 1970s to complete the project?

Food choice on the Navajo Nation more times than not mean a Big Mac or Whopper. This is why a new café in Dilkon, Ariz. opened its doors earlier this month.

When people think of Navajo jewelry they often associate it with squash blossom necklaces or turquoise rings.

Developing a business can be confusing, but a few Navajo entrepreneurs are hoping to ease that confusion by developing a business guideline for the Navajo Nation.

The Navajo Nation may lack a lot of things but 4G LTE service isn’t one of them anymore.