Guest Column | The fart of politics

By Kenneth G. White Jr.

Back in the day it used to be called “the art of politics.”

In general, this referred to the so-called skill a politician had maneuvering around to get what they want, being loyal to their party, and making it appear they were a good guy/gal to the public at large.

The art of politics was, despite disagreement, politicians and political parties working together to at least consider the American people in the equation of democracy.

In the big picture of the art of politics, there was an honored neutral zone, an integrity zone if you will.

When it came crunch time, politicians grudgingly accepted the American people’s lives as the overriding factor when voting to pass legislation, despite being a Republican or Democrat.
Today it is called the “fart of politics.”

In general, this refers to the warped fairy tale where some politicians think the Dumpster is still in charge, and they will do anything he says.

In other words, in this fairy tale, the fart of politics never went away, the stench is still there. A lot of hot smelly air emanating from the source.

His boys McConnell, McCarthy, Gosar, Cruz and others love it. Here boys, this one is for you.

In the fart of politics, there is no skill needed by these politicians other than subservience to his Rumpness. There is no need to maneuver around to get what they want. They want what he wants.

The Dumpster himself does not know what he wants, other than power and money.

In the fart of politics, they are loyal to the Dumpster, not the Republican Party. The Dumpster is loyal to himself and no one else.

In the fart of politics, they have a “don’t give a damn” attitude about whether the public perceives them as a good guy/gal or not.

Case in point – McConnell lying up his behind with a straight face on TV. When I was a kid cartoons used to be on Saturday mornings, not the evening news with McConnell’s mug.

Check him out. To him, it is like a chess match, like playing checkers with Democrats and the future well-being of everyday Americans.

This Huckleberry Hound imposter fully knows he and the Republican Party voted to raise the debt ceiling three times under his Rumpness’ reign, to $8 trillion, without no problem.

In reality his lying, and others, is endangering the health and livelihood of everyday Americans, regardless of ethnicity. My apologies to the real Huckleberry Hound, sorry for comparing you to this imposter.

In the fart of politics, there is no shame. They are playing with the lives of the American people like it is a game, when in fact it is life or death for many everyday citizens. In reality, they are being conned by the Con and do not even know it or are blindly following along.

I can smell it from here.

Like the great Simon and Garfunkel song, Ms. Robinson goes “Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, our Nation turns its lonely eyes to you.” Keep in mind that Joe DiMaggio was one of the greatest baseball players of all time, and the Dumpster never played Little League. Here we go.

Our Nation’s lonely eyes are looking for a guy who will get a hit, not strike out.

Our Nation’s lonely eyes are looking for democracy to be sustained and emboldened, not overthrown by insurrectionists organized by his Rumpness and his cronies last Jan. 6, 2021.

Our Nation’s lonely eyes are looking for a universal goodness, a heartfelt humanity, a genuine love among all people, not a racist “me against you” political agenda, or a childish get-revenge-on-the-playground strategy, from his Rumpness.

Our Nation’s lonely eyes are looking for Creator, through his kindness and love, to spiritually unite our great country for all people, not for the Dumpster’s meanness and hate to selfishly divide our country for himself.

The Infrastructure and Build Back Better legislation are being considered by Congress in this big picture scenario and confusion. The debt ceiling looms.

On the streets, in the neighborhoods, and throughout Indian Country, people are hurting, and this legislation will help us now, and in the future.

So, does Congress rise above, and honor the integrity zone of the art of politics for the well-being of the American people, or do a handful of wacky politicians play the fart of politics for the Dumpster, and forget about the people?

I honor our noble, resilient, prayerful, spiritual Indigenous leaders such as Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Quanah Parker, Mae Chee Castillo, Kenneth White Sr., and Annie Wauneka, among others, who addressed the needs of the people from their heart.

Their Indigenous life and leadership were not political, it was based on a traditional Native value system, love, and spirituality. They truly exemplified leadership focused on the needs and heart of the people.

No fake Dumpster scenario and fart of politics anywhere in sight. It did not exist in the heart of Native America and Indigenous people.

Rather than watch cartoons or sniff the stench of the fart of politics, recognize and embrace your true leaders right in front of you – your parents, your grandparents, and extended family. They are your blood, real-life treasures, and life examples.

As an Indigenous person, let us take pride and comfort that great Native leaders from the many beautiful tribes provided this life and leadership example for you and me to learn, respect, and follow. We should be eternally grateful for their legacy and connection to Creator.

Rather than watching cartoons, or sniffing the stench, honor and respect our ancestors and elders’ true heartfelt way of life, leadership, Indigenous wisdom, and spirituality that has been present among us for thousands, yes, thousands of years.

When looking at America today, through Creator’s eternal blessings, the light of leadership, democracy, goodness, humanity, love, and Creator will surely shine and prevail. Incompetence, insurrections, racism, me against you, revenge, hate, division, and the Dumpster will imminently dim and fail.

Why? Because we are better than that America. Our Indigenous leaders’ prayers are too powerful, recognized, honored and in force, by Creator to this day. Crazy Horse’s prophecy is coming true.

Let us go back to the heart of the people where, regardless of party, the people’s needs come first. Let us get rid of the fart of politics and the Dumpster stench.

Let us get some fresh clean air, filled with hope, healing, and love for ourselves, our children, our family, all Brothers and Sisters, humanity, God Almighty, and our great Nation.

Kenneth G. White Jr., MSW, is chief executive officer of Native Health Care Solutions in Flagstaff.


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