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Letter | President’s broken promises

President’s broken promises

This letter is in response to the November 10, 2022, Navajo Times edition, which printed the victory of Nygren as Navajo Nation president. Three main items were promised to be done by the first 100 days in office which won the Navajo Nation presidency election for Nygren back in November 2022. These included gravel pits, business economy, and gathering information of concerns from chapters. There has not been a report from President Nygren about the status of these promises and we are past the initial 100 days.


Bad road conditions have been an ongoing challenge for decades, which went on unchanged throughout many previous administrations. Countless Navajo people who encounter obstacles of muddy roads for obtaining their necessities became hopeful when assured that changes were possible. Now is there more disappointment?
For the gravel pit projects, what does the heavy equipment mentioned in Nygren’s brief summary include? Maybe gravel crushers, gravel trucks, loaders, and dozers? Chapters have graders received under the Nez administration.

Business economy is vague, but what about the new police station in Shiprock? The temporary small police facility is still utilized with no reports of a more permanent site and less effective policing. The other part of the 100-day promise is the obtaining of concerns from the various chapters. What is the progress of this endeavor?

Wilford R. Joe

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