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Letters | A delegate’s meager reasons

Council Delegate Eugenia Charles-Newton’s introduced legislation to remove Speaker Crystalyne Curley is absurd. There is no substance. There is no sufficiency. It’s not like Crystalyne Curley did something egregious, illegal, or blatantly wrong and capricious.

Eugenia’s legislation cites four reasons: the Speaker’s staff for their lack of communication, not providing a stance on alcohol, not addressing safety regarding a sexual harassment allegation, and inexperience.

Eugenia’s four given reasons are woefully inadequate for cause in removing an official. Speaker Curley received a unanimous vote of her confirmation, including a vote by Eugenia.
Suddenly Eugenia digs at the bottom of the barrel of vengeance and scrapes up nothing. She’s left to contrive reasons for cause out of her imagination. The problem is that there is zero legitimacy to her vengefulness.

What we can presume is that Eugenia is on an expedition or another endless course of baseless vitriol that is counterproductive to the Navajo Nation’s goals and objectives.
Every newly elected leader has a learning curve. They all deserve our support. Crystalyne Curley is unanimously chosen to lead the Council.

The choice is clear: continue with the agenda of plan, progress, and building, or regress with Eugenia’s blind ambition of reckless endangerment.

Emily Ellison, Diné


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