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Letters: Complete projects to clean up Shiprock

We teach our children to make a stand about fair and just treatment. We, as adults, need to set the example of treating one another fairly.

There are many examples of unfairness by adults in the Shiprock Chapter. The following includes incomplete projects like the Bluff Road paving, street light upkeep, more permanent police station, removal of old buildings, open flea market, and motel (just to name a few).

The Bluff Road project was scheduled in June about four years prior and was never started. Many are outstanding projects from the old chapter administration and continue to remain dormant in the new term of the current Shiprock Chapter officials.

Now there is a rush to action when it comes to policing under the ruse of safety concerns of individual vendors who pick a spot to sell. Why not the same rush mentality of expediting work on projects and practicing safety by remedying stalled work like removing the rubble of old bond’s structures?

Other safety concerns are the many dark areas between the burnt-out streetlights and providing a more spacious area for flea market vending.

My stand is to speak out about getting the Bluff Road fixed permanently and not temporarily with broken promises by individuals who influence decisions. Who runs the Shiprock Chapter anyway?

A certain Shiprock Chapter official drives on the Bluff Road in a private vehicle, as well as a work vehicle.

Currently, the Bluff Road remains in the same condition it has been in for several years. The rocks are sticking up even more and there is a washboard effect making travel almost impossible.

Now is the time for the Shiprock Chapter officials to practice safety and complete the projects to clean up Shiprock.

Wilford R. Joe
Shiprock, N.M.


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