Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Letters | Living in the city can be strange

Living in the city can be strange

Just a little scenario of allegations on a rehabilitation center scamming mostly Indigenous Dineh in Phoenix, from an article in the Navajo Times, May 11, 2023, issue.

There is a program that exists in Phoenix called Community Bridges, Inc. I’ve been with them now going on four years. CBI exists in every town named in the story, a unique program in every way.

CBI helps people coming from the Municipal Court of Phoenix, because it’s well-known by the courts. Even Phoenix Police know CBI exists. CBI helps people that have a drinking problem and those that are handicapped and homeless.

I do know there are other rehabilitation centers that exist in Phoenix, such as Church on the Street, St. Vincent DePaul Society, and some Indigenous rehabilitation centers. There are quite a lot of rehabilitation centers who want to help people in need, but it has to be you wanting help, not someone pushing you to get help.

Living in a city is strange, it’s different than the Navajo Nation. You have to take care of yourself all the time and look over your shoulders. In the city, you have to have insurance (AHCCCS, Medicare, Medicare Plus, etc.). Every visit to a medical place, you have to have medical coverage. Navajo Nation is more polite.

I understand there are people in the Metro Valley wanting to help people that seem homeless, but you just don’t walk up to a person and say, “You are homeless, we can help.”

Taking someone off the Navajo Nation against their will sounds crazy. If you live in Phoenix, why go to the Navajo Nation seeking people that look like they need help?
Phoenix and the Navajo Nation are way different from each other. Navajo Nation is probably better.

There is an Indigenous hospital across from the PHS called Drumbeat. They have over 100 pictures of missing Indigenous females and men. Some probably left home from harassment at home or left home from unsolvable problems. Alcohol was the end solution with not knowing what lies behind alcohol, most can’t be mentioned.

This is just a little of what I know from living in Phoenix. You have to have income, insurance, and something to fall back on, if something goes whack.
Ask for mercy of the Lord as time goes on so that you can get knowledge through Jesus Christ. May you live and prosper through God.

Dean Benally


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