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Thank you for this opportunity to weigh in on the Navajo Supreme Court orchestrated special presidential election results.

The people have a right to be directly involved in their governmental affairs and that their right to vote is supreme.

People’s right to vote is sacred and sovereign. People gave a lot of thought, discussions and prayers to cast their votes in the Navajo Nation 2014 Primary Election.

It is my wish to take my family with me to the National Spelling Bee on May 25, so I am humbly asking for your help.

Navajo Police Department problems were lack of manpower, lack of overtime pay, no police equipment, outdated police building, lack of civilian staff, lack of police vehicles, over-mileage vehicles, lack of training, crisis management, outdated firearm range, lack of sufficient funding, and so much internal personal management disputes.

The recent killing of a Navajo Nation police officer inspired me to write this letter. First, my deepest condolences to

From day one I understood Deschene talking Diné.

It’s beyond disbelief that our Navajo Supreme Court decides to quash the highest authority of the Navajo law that is the based law fulfilled by the Navajo Nation Council.

The problems with those who created for their people on orderly election process needs to be solved as soon as possible.

New Mexico tribes are proud of all that we contribute to the advancement of our state. Our vibrant history and