Sunday, May 28, 2023

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Editors’ Picks: Top 10 News Stories of 2021

Here are editors’ picks of the Top 10 news stories of 2021:

  1. COVID-19, vaccinations, variants.
  2. Money from DC (CARES Act, American Rescue Plan Act, Hardship Assistance).
  3. Navajo Police chief resigns.
  4. Deb Haaland appointed Secretary of Interior.
  5. Controller Pearline Kirk removed by Council.
  6. Nation’s 20-year drought.
  7. Missing, murdered Diné relatives.
  8. Bears Ears expanded to original boundary.
  9. Bearsun, man in a suit gives a ray of sunshine to Diné.
  10. Veterans still waiting for homes as promised by Nez-Lizer administration.


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