Officer on admin leave after shooting


A Navajo Nation Police officer is on administrative leave after shooting a suspect in a domestic violence incident Friday evening, Chief of Police Phillip Francisco said today.

The police officer was responding to a domestic violence complaint at 5:26 p.m. when the suspect charged the officer with a bat, police spokeswoman Christina Tsosie wrote in a statement on Saturday.

The man was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque for his gunshot wounds. Tsosie did not say where the man was shot, only that he was ”responsive” at the time emergency medical personnel were administering aid.
Francisco said the incident is currently being investigated, and added the officer was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

”Every officer involved in any sort of shooting is placed on administrative leave as protocol, ” Francisco said on Saturday. ”All officers undergo a fitness for duty evaluation prior to resuming full duty.”

Tsosie said the Navajo Division of Public Safety and the FBI are currently investigating the shooting.

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