Southern chapters closing their doors


The Puerco Valley Certified Chapters are closing their doors with the start of the new fiscal year.

Tsé Sí Aní, Houck and Nahata Dziil chapters will close today (Thursday, Oct. 1) and don’t plan to reopen until they get their insurance renewed.

Corrina Chatter, commission manager with Nahata Dziil, said that process could take a week, depending on when the chapters receive their money from the Navajo Nation and how long it takes the tribe to process their paperwork.

“It’s a major issue,” she said, adding that every year they have to go through this insurance process and it’s not a short one.

Chapters are required to write an Exposure Summary Report that lists all their assets. This must be done before chapters see any money.

For the Puerco Valley Certified Chapters, their reports are in and it’s been a runaround between the offices of Risk Management and accounting,
Chatter said.

According to Virgil Brown Jr., Division Director for the Navajo Nation Division of General Services, it’s not normal practice for chapter houses to shut down. However, that is the case with Puerco Valley.

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