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New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez addresses those who attended Ashlynne Mike’s funeral on May 6, 2016, in Farmington.

It’s a year since 11-year-old Ashlynne Mike was raped and murdered, and not much has changed.

An Amber Alert for the Navajo Nation is still a work in progress, and hundreds of sex offenders are still roaming untracked across the Navajo Nation Ñ defying laws that require them to register with the local police.

It’s the job of Navajo Police Capt. Henry Moore of the Window Rock Sex Offenders Program to keep track of these individuals, but obviously, he can’t do it alone.

“All these guys have families and people who know them,” Moore said. “If you’re protecting them, you may be enabling them to offend again.”

In commemoration of Mike’s sad anniversary, Moore is asking Navajos to look at the following list. It contains names, ages and last known locations of sex offenders who have let their registration lapse, meaning their whereabouts are no longer known to police.

An article in last week’s Navajo Times (“Sex offenders must report in, officials say”) with a partial list of offenders helped police locate five people. Two reported to police of their own volition, one was arrested, and two turned out to be incarcerated out-of-state.

Moore is hoping this more complete list will bring more offenders out of the woodwork. He has stated the police will not press charges for failing to register against people who turn themselves in in response to this article.

If you recognize a name and know where the person lives, call the program at 928-871-7552 or 871-6116.

Refusing to register is a federal offense and those offenders who don’t respond to this call “are looking at federal prison time,” Moore warned.


Allen, Joseph Jim, 53, Tsaile/Wheatfields
Begay, Dennis Harrison, 74, Burntcorn Valley
Begay, Terrill Becenti, 40, Rock Point
Curley, Carlos, 53, Chinle
Dedman, Alton Chee, 47, Nazlini
Faber, Franklin Begay, 53, Lukachukai
Johnson, Ty-Kyndal Enos, 22, Many Farms
Mutte, Tom, 47, Chinle
Pahe, Charldric Tony, 30, Rock Point
Sam, Ronald Gene, 49, Many Farms
Smiley, Daniel Lee, 44, Cottonwood
Yazzie, Kee Bahe Jr., 45, Cottonwood
Yellowhorse, Ronnie, 48, Kitsillie/Black Mesa


Davis, Jesse, 43, Indian Wells
Manygoats, Robert, 46, White Cone
Samm, Ermin Herman, 34, Indian Wells


Brown, Wilford, 51, Fort Defiance
Hatathli, Jonathan Kim, 56, Sanders
Keeto, Anthony Paul, 49, St. Michaels
Nakai, Dan Begay, 77, Window Rock
Nelson, Jimmie Bryant, 45, Fort Defiance
Russell, Stanley, 60, Fort Defiance
Quintana, Pashen D’Angelo, 21, Navajo, N.M.


Atene, Dakota Donavon, 27, Navajo Mountain
Johnson, Ernest Paul, 51, Kayenta/Black Mesa
Katso, Jonathan Bennett, 61, Kayenta
Holiday, Arnold Lee, 74, Kayenta
Maloney, Sheldon James, 24, Shonto/Black Mesa
Parrish, Gordon James, 66, Kayenta
Sagg, Charley, 57, Mexican Water
Smallcanyon, Glenn, 49, Shonto
White, Shane, 32, Chilchinbeto
Yazzie, Orlando, 37, Shonto/Black Mesa


Begay, Robert, 46, Tuba City
Charlie, Jayson Reed, 42, Lechee
Graymountain, Jameison Wayne, 42, Bitter Springs
Lewis, Derrick Jay, 38, Tuba City
Maloney, Tyrone, 41, Tuba City
Mann, Christopher Lee, 39, Kaibeto
Nez, Frankie, 30, Tuba City
Salt, Harrolton, 40, Tuba City
Tohannie, Derrick Cory, 29, Tuba City
Tohannie, Herbert, 39, Tuba City
Tsinnijinnie, Lawrence Roy, 42, Marble Canyon
Tsosie, Vernon Hoover, 63, Kaibeto
Walker, Larry, 44, Marble Canyon
Yellowhair, Mark, 62, Tuba City
Yazzie, Earl Joseph, 61, Tuba City/Rocky Ridge
Yazzie, Peter, 51, Coalmine
Yazzie, Albert, 55, Kaibeto

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