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Summit will redefine ‘traditional’ and ‘cultural’

The first Traditional and Cultural Summit will be held this year at Wheatfields Lake with the focus of “Diné Bina’nit’n Bee As’ah Ná’ada” or “Resilence through traditional teachings to ensure longevity.”

Coke can flowers in a vase of aluminum tabs was only one of the many creations on display during Navajo Technical University’s, or NTU, Recycling Contest.

A police unit lead the way on Saturday afternoon for a handful of runners participating in the annual “Guardians of the Flame” Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Arizona (SOAZ), which started earlier in the day in Window Rock with five bicycle riders.

While Larry King, a former uranium miner-turned activist, recounted the 1979 Church Rock uranium spill through a megaphone last week, Japanese anti-nuclear activists listened intently.

The old photographs show two men, adorned in turquoise and wearing traditional Navajo outfits, letting their horses drink on one side while a woman weaves and a family poses outside their hogan on the other.

For most, conferences are a way to get the resources they need, but for Juanita Williams they’re a positive outlet that helps her continue to stay clean.

GANADO, AZ According to Harriet Tracy, an older member of the Ganado community, it’s all about money. That was her

Dilkon Youth Services prepares youth for upcoming bike ride

As a way to give the local community a day of family fun, the women of the Blue Bird Pinups (BBP) has hosted their 2nd annual Easter Eggstravaganza.

The garden expo on March 12 was an oasis for people ready to venture out and to dig their hands in the dirt. Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp.’ s Health Promotion Diabetes Prevention Center celebrated this year the latest trends in gardening, landscaping and edibles, and attracted hundreds of people across Northwestern Navajo.