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Country Alibi building fan base played ‘what people want to hear’


Diné country band Country Alibi of Church Rock, New Mexico, includes, from left, Lane Becenti, Louie Begay and Preston Gorman. The band will perform at the “Rock The Capital” Music Festival in Window Rock on Saturday, May 27.

This Diné country band uses its energy and unique songs to win over fans.

Country Alibi, of Church Rock, New Mexico, is comprised of singer and rhythm guitarist Lane Becenti, lead guitarist Preston Gorman, bassist Louie Begay and a handful of drummers.
The group’s brand of modern country has given it an edge in the country music scene around the Four Corners Area. Their soothing blend of country and acoustic rock coordinate well with the playing style and songwriting of both Gorman and Becenti.

Gorman’s guitar leads and solos go hand-in-hand with Becenti’s acoustic guitar playing and vocals, especially on the songs “Stand by the River,” “Nowhere Road,” and “Love Em’ Everyone.”
“I used to play an electric, but people told me the acoustic guitar sounds a lot better in our music,” said Becenti.

The grouped released a debut single “Set Me Free” in 2015 and has received a handful of positive support and great feedback in Window Rock.

Another single, “See You Again,” was released in 2016 and Becenti said he wrote the song for his late brother-in-law. The group recently performed the song as a tribute to the late Ashlynn Mike.

“We’ve all lost somebody we miss,” said Becenti to the audience in Window Rock before performing the song.

The group is looking to record a full-length album in 2017 and is searching for a studio because they have many original songs and have been writing new music every time they get together.
“We’re energetic and unique in our own way,” said Gorman.

They are also looking to perform in more places to expand their growing fan base.

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