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Letters: A poor dog, his wound will haunt me

I live in a housing area near Crownpoint. This past Thursday (April 8), I was throwing away some old Chinese takeout when I caught a very disturbing sight.

A stray dog had come to eat the food and I got close enough to see that he (I’m assuming) had a really infected back leg. I’ll spare fellow readers the graphic details, but it was appallingly bad, so I called Animal Control and they came, but I don’t know if they caught the dog. I haven’t seen him since though.

I was shocked because I am an animal lover and I owned and lost a dog to a tumor a few years ago.

If you know me, you probably knew my dog. We went everywhere. I loved my dog. I even learned how to do first aid on her when she tangled with a chain link fence and ended up with a piece embedded in her leg, which I had to pull out. I would clean the wound daily with peroxide and dress it with gauze then wrap it.

I know this poor animal will probably die because some negligent owner couldn’t be bothered to do something so simple as first aid if they couldn’t afford a vet bill.

This poor dog and his wound will continue to haunt me probably for the rest of my life. I thought my neighbors were better than this. I thought wrong.

Germaine Martinez
Crownpoint, N.M.


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