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Letters: Nursing home CEO doing great job

Letters: Nursing home CEO doing great job

This letter is in response to a critical and damaging letter to the editor from Howard Bitsuie.

Wayne Claw, CEO of Chinle Nursing Home, is highly qualified and has managed and operated the Chinle Nursing Home effectively for the past eight years.

He has worked tirelessly to acquire financial support and assistance from Navajo Housing Authority, the state, federal and the Navajo Nation to build a new nursing home facility that will increase the number of tenants and improve care. He has demonstrated outstanding concern and love for those under his care and has the ability to manage a new and improved facility if proper funds are available.

Additional funds have been provided from the state to prevent further layoffs and assist the nursing home program.

Wayne Claw has shown effective management decisions in the past and will hopefully continue in the future with the support of the Navajo Nation in this vitally important endeavor.

Victor Joe
Board of Directors
Chinle Nursing Home
Dennehotso, Ariz.

Tell me about Arizona!

My name is Jaxon W. I am a 5th grade student at Harlan Intermediate School in Harlan, Iowa.

My class is studying the geography and history of the United States. I am excited to learn more about your state of Arizona. I would really appreciate it if you would send me pictures, postcards or information on your state.

My awesome social studies teacher, Mrs. Newlin, would like a car license plate, if possible, for a teacher project. I really appreciate your time and look forward to learning more about Arizona. Thank you.

Jaxon W.
Harlan Intermediate School
Harlan, Iowa

We must have immigration laws

The Bible teaches us rules for living in harmony. Navajo stories tell us to be strong (physically, mentally and to learn all about life). There is no teaching that says to be nasty and bad-mouth neighbors.

-Immigrants came to our country to get away from the bad world they created. Now, they are resorting to what they ran away from. Some of our Natives picked up some of the bad manners they brought here. When they first got here there were just a few hundred of them and we Natives were at least over 20 million and we owned the whole North America. Today, there are just over 2 million of us and they are now over 300 million and own all of North America.

How did this happen? We did not have immigration laws. What does this mean to America? There is a big important lesson for all of us Americans.

A hundred years from now or sooner, ISIS and other crazies will own this nation. Who knows what is going to happen to us Americans. Enough of them will change (destroy) the democratic constitution and we will be like Iraq, Iran and other Third World countries. Those countries change government almost every year. They march with guns and destroy everything.

Immigration laws are very important if we are to remain a democratic country with rights, freedom and liberty.

Vern R. Lee
Fruitland, N.M.

Hoping to share the wool

A long time ago Bessie Roberts and her husband came to the Hanover, N.H., area where he worked at Mary Hitchcock Hospital perhaps 30 years ago. She took two quilting classes from me and helped me set up a loom to do a weaving.

At that time I was making trips to Norway bringing back weaving wool. I have more than enough to finally finish the weaving. It is Rauma Spaelsau yarn. The fibers are very long as I looked up this yarn on the Internet recently. I know Bessie liked this yarn.

So I hope to find her to offer the rest to her for her projects. I inquired about locating her and someone suggested I write this letter to be published in your newspaper in hopes of making contact with her again.

I can be reached at 207-482-0497 or Thank you very much.

Frances Haugen
Wilton, Maine

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