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AG will leave big shoes to fill

Nation relies on small, skilled office for watchdog efforts


After 11 years of service, Navajo Nation Auditor General Elizabeth Begay informed her staff that she will retire on Dec. 28.

She submitted her retirement resignation to Speaker LoRenzo Bates last month.

Elizabeth Begay

While it’s in the administrative pipeline, Begay said Bates has not yet officially accepted her resignation by signing the letter.

Nevertheless, Begay said she is looking forward to spending more time with her husband and travelling. “I’d like to see somebody in-house to step up and take over,” said Begay. “I’m confident in my staff.”

She will leave behind the important watchdog office that is charged with keeping tabs on the finances, performance, and accountability of 110 Navajo Nation chapters, programs, divisions, and enterprises, and identifying potential fraud or “misappropriation of assets.”

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