Murder being investigated in Tuba City

By Krista Allen
Special to the Times


The Tuba City Police District was notified of a suspected homicide Thursday.

FBI spokesperson Jill E. McCabe said the FBI and the Navajo Nation Criminal Investigation Unit were alerted Thursday morning at 8 a.m.

“We are working alongside the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety on this investigation,” McCabe said.

“Yes, we have a homicide,” Navajo Nation Police Chief Phillip Francisco told the Navajo Times Thursday afternoon. “We have a location of (a) suspect. We are waiting for SWAT to go (into a) house (to make an arrest). No other detail. It’s with the FBI now.”

McCabe says anyone with information is asked to call the FBI at (623) 466-1999. Tips can also be reported to

“Because of the ongoing nature of the investigation, we cannot provide further information at this time,” McCabe said.

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