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Times going digital: We want to hear from you!

In response to demand from readers off the reservation who can’t get access to the print version of the Navajo Times and don’t want the full pdf e-edition, the Navajo Times is considering expanding our website to include all our locally written stories in full, with a paywall.

The website currently is free and includes the obituaries, letters, “50 Years Ago” column, police news, sports and truncated versions of our front page and section front stories.

“It’s time we move in this direction in order to maintain our relationship with all of our readers, especially the younger readers,” said Navajo Times Publisher Tom Arviso. “That’s the way the industry’s going and we need to be part of that movement.”

If you would like to weigh in on this transition, please click on this link and take the brief survey.

Help us move your local newspaper in the direction you’d like it to go.