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Vendor stuck with counterfeit $100 bill

By Krista Allen
Special to the Times

Navajo Times | Krista Allen
Howard Yazzie from Dennehotso, Arizona, compares an authentic $100 bill to a counterfeit (bottom) he received from a young man, to whom he gave $97 in change and a $3 roast corn before he darted into the crowd during the 72nd Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock.


The young man smiled, laughed and darted into the crowd at the Navajo Nation Fair. He was a husky, stubby youngster with tousled hair and he wore black baggy clothes.

If Howard Yazzie saw him again, he would recognize him because he handed him a $100 bill – a fake $100 bill. “I went and sold him a corn,” said Yazzie, 66, a vendor from Dennehotso, Arizona, who sold roast corn for $3 each during the 72nd Navajo Nation Fair. “One corn. He broke out a $100 bill. He said, ‘You got change for $100?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ I gave him all my $20s.”

The young man, around 16 or 17 years old, scampered off. Just then, another customer walked up and said to Yazzie, “Boy, that guy sure took off with your corn.” Yazzie shouted out to the young man, who was many yards away at that moment, “Hey, bring me some more customers!”

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