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Obituaries for Dec. 23, 2020

Charlotte Slim Toney (Oct. 16, 1971 — Dec. 20, 2020)

Charlotte Slim Toney

YELLOW ROCK POINT, Utah — Charlotte Slim Toney, 49, passed on Sunday morning, Dec. 20, at San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington. Services will be held Thursday, Dec. 24, at 9 a.m., at the Farmington Funeral Home.

She will be laid to rest at noon at Memory Gardens in Farmington, next to her beloved family members. Charlotte was Ozéí Táchii’nii, born for Tódích’íí’nii. Her maternal grandfather was Bit’ahnii and her paternal grandfather was Tl’ízí Lání.

Her mother is Marilyn Slim and her father was the late Watson Slim Sr. Charlotte was a mother, a sister, an aunt, and a grandmother. She was raised in Yellow Rock Point, Utah, and attended Red Mesa School up to the 9th grade when she decided that her life had to focus on being the best mother she could be.

As a young mother at 15 years old, Charlotte started her journey to raise her son Buu Van Nygren.

Many people know of her son, but she was a very humble and grateful woman who wasn’t known to let everyone know who her son is.

Fourteen years after her son was born, she had a beautiful little girl, Bijou Ricci Etcitty, who was also molded by the power of being independent, caring, laughter, prayer, and love for family.

In her final days, Charlotte spent her precious moments with her newborn granddaughter, Aurora, and her year-and-a-half-old granddaughter, Aracelli. Charlotte may have had many challenges, but she dedicated her life to uplift and care for others.

Many family and friends have expressed that they don’t remember her being mean or holding grudges, only her uplifting, funny spirit. Charlotte didn’t want people to worry about her and that was very evident up until she left us so suddenly.

She was selfless, never thinking about herself, and known for her kind heart.

Charlotte is survived by her children, Buu Van Nygren and Bijou Etcitty; and two granddaughters.

Alice Yazzie

Alice Yazzie

REHOBOTH, N.M. — Graveside service for Alice Yazzie (formally known as Alice Martin), 78, of Mariano Lake, New Mexico, was held Dec. 22 at the Rehoboth cemetery in Rehoboth, New Mexico, with Pastor Deborah Chee of Christian Reformed Church of Wingate, New Mexico, officiating.

Alice was born Feb 17, 1942, into the Hashtl’ishnii (Mud Clan), born for Tábaahá (Water’s Edge Clan). She passed away Dec. 16, 2020. Alice was a beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was proud of the jobs she held, proudly retired and valued hard work.

Alice is survived by her children, Mark Sands, Julie Hubbell, Harris Martin, Delores Martin, and Joneal Martin; brothers, Edison Yazzie, Jonas Yazzie, Leonard Yazzie, Herman Yazzie, and Freddie Yazzie; sisters, Katherine Thomas and Marie Lilly; and 17 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. A memorial service will be held at a later date.

Shirley Ashley

Shirley Ashley

KLAGETOH, Ariz. — Graveside service for Shirley Ashley, 68, of Klagetoh, Arizona, was held Dec. 22 at the Klagetoh Veterans and Community Cemetery with Pastor Delbert Nez officiating. Shirley was born Nov. 21, 1952, in Ganado, Arizona, into the Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak Wood People Clan), born for Tsenabahilnii (Sleep Rock People Clan). She passed away Dec. 14, 2020, in Goodyear, Arizona.

Shirley received a graduate degree from the University of New Mexico and retired from Fort Defiance Hospital. She enjoyed sewing, traveling, playing sports, walking, playing the drums, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Shirley is survived by her son, Alton Ashley; sons-in-law, Marvin Shirley and Dr. Leland James Pond; daughters, Antonette Shirley and Kendallyn Pond; brother, Robert Kee; sisters, Ella Nez and Roberta Yazzie; and five grandchildren.

Shirley is preceded in death by her mother, Clara Kee; father, Arthur Chester; and brother, Jonas Chester. Pallbearers were Tyrone Nez, Josiah Neel, Toby Becenti, Philbert Nez, Dale Brown, and Delbert Yazzie. Honorary pallbearer was Altone Ashley. Silver Creek Mortuary was in charge of arrangements.

Leonard Footracer

Leonard Footracer

HOUCK, Ariz. — Graveside service for Leonard Footracer, 74, of Sanders, Arizona, was held Dec. 21 at the Houck community cemetery in Houck, Arizona, with LDS missionaries officiating.

Leonard was born Jan. 13, 1946, in Fort Defiance, into the Honágháahnii (One-walks-around Clan), born for Kinlichíi’nii (Red House People Clan). He passed away Dec. 10, 2020, in Sanders.

Leonard attended Page High School in Page, Arizona, and graduated from Window Rock High School in 1964. He retired from Union Ironworker Local No. 75, No. 497, No. 416, and No. 433. Leonard enjoyed making Native American arts and crafts with beading, painting and jewelry.

He enjoyed different food in different places, along with traveling.

Leonard is survived by his wife, Cornelia Jane Footracer; sons, Dwayne Davis and Dwight A. Footracer; daughters, Cormelia J. Brown, Carmelita J. Brown, Corrina J. Brown, and Kelsey F. Footracer; brothers, Freddy Footracer, Billy Footracer Jr. and Alfred Footracer; sisters, Lavale Footracer, Janice Murphy, Shirlene Murphy, and Ivanna Murphy; and five grandchildren. Leonard is preceded in death by his sister, Elsie F. Barber; parents, Eleanor and Billy Footracer Sr.; son, Albert “PR” Footracer; and daughter, Michelle Footracer. Pallbearers were Fred Footracer, Orlando Bitsilly, Cormelia J. Brown, Carmelita Brown, Corrina Brown, and Dwight Footracer. Summit Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Calvin Draper

Calvin Draper

DEL MUERTO, Ariz. — Graveside service for Calvin Draper, 60, of Del Muerto, Arizona, will be held Thursday, Dec. 24, at 10 a.m., at the Del Muerto community cemetery with Pastor Leonard Pete officiating.

Calvin was born Nov. 27, 1960, in Del Muerto. He passed away Dec. 19, 2020, in Albuquerque. Calvin attended Chinle High School and Pima College. He was employed as a journeyman sheet metal worker for most of his life for many construction companies throughout the Four Corners.

Calvin enjoyed hunting, archery, fishing, photography, drawing, and spending time with his family, friends and grandchildren.

Calvin is survived by his wife, Anita Draper; sons, Reginald Etsitty and Reynold Draper; daughters, Tashina Dawn Draper and Raquel-Marie Draper; brothers, Kee Bahe Draper Jr., Bobby Draper, Darrin Draper, and Ambrose Claw; sisters, Linda Draper, Julia Beno, Madelyn Draper, and Marlo Gai; and eight grandchildren.

Calvin is preceded in death by his parents, Kee Bahe and Marie S. Draper; and brothers, Harry Draper, Andrew Draper Sr. and Harold Draper. Pallbearers will be Terrice Draper, Harold Bia, Kee Bahe Draper Jr., Bobby Draper, Adrian Draper, and Bryan Draper. Honorary pallbearers will be Marvin Draper, Blaine Beno, Andrew Draper Jr., Randy Frank, Ryan Draper, Darrell Dayzie, Reginald Etsitty, and Reynold Draper.

There will be no reception, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Summit Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Leo Largie (March 31, 1953 — Nov. 22, 2020)

Leo Largie

NASCHITTI, N.M. — Graveside service for Leo Largie, aka “Naschitti Mayor,” was held Nov. 25, 2020, at the Naschitti community cemetery in Naschitti, New Mexico.

Leo’s contributions included: administrative consultant, Diné NAC of New Mexico; Naschitti Chapter coordinator for 25 years; member of Bisila Chanters; Sandsprings Sportsfest; president of Naschitti Senior Center Committee; Navajo Council on Aging; president of District 14 Housing; and Naschitti Youth Sports.

Pallbearers were Larry Jackson Jr., Blaine Eriacho, Keith L. Pine, Barlow R. Smith, Raymond R. Smith, and Marvus Bryant. Honorary pallbearers were LeAnder Largie, LeAaron Largie, Zachary Largie, Alexander Largie Sr., Earl Morris Sr., Larry Jackson Sr., Jasper Pablo, and Cecil Begay.

Words cannot express the feeling in our hearts.

Thank you for being with us during this difficult time. Your thoughts, prayers, donations, and words of sympathy will always be remembered.

Karen Largie, LeAnder, Valencia, LeAaron, KaraLynn, Tineka, Tania, Zachary and in-laws, Largies, Jacksons, and Pine family.

Grace Trujillo Romero

OAK HARBOR, Wash. — Graveside service for Grace Trujillo Romero, 77, was held Dec. 18 at the Maple Leaf Cemetery in Oak Harbor, Washington. Grace was born Dec. 4, 1942, in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, to Jake and Opal (Werito) Trujillo, into the Ta’neeszahnii (Tangle Clan), born for Bit’ahnii (Under His Cover Clan). She passed away Nov. 28, 2020, in Oak Harbor, of COVID-19 pneumonia.

Grace attended Box Elder High School in Brigham City, Utah, and graduated from Albuquerque Indian School, followed by cooking school in Chicago, Illinois. Grace worked for the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, and 13 years at Homeplace Memory Care in Oak Harbor. She was proud to be recognized as a L.I.F.E. award recipient in May of 2020.

Grace was a loving, giving, determined, and hardworking mother who cared for her family dearly. She also loved to work and help others. In her downtime, Grace loved to watch “Murder She Wrote,” Fox News and wrestling. She enjoyed sewing, cooking and doing crossword puzzles, as well as making beadwork for her daughter, Rosalynn.

Grace was known for her infectious smile and her kind and compassionate spirit.

She still practiced the traditional Diné ways of blessing herself, others close to her, and praying. Grace is survived by her daughters, Paulette R. Ferris of Oak Harbor, Rosalynn Romero of Metlakatla, Alaska, and Jeannette D. Romero of Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico; son, Mario S. Romero of Jemez Pueblo; son-in-law, Rolando A. Ferris; brothers, Johnny H. Tsosie, Wilford Trujillo and Alfred Trujillo; sisters, Marie T. Albert, Maxine T. Williams, Rose Marie T. Arrive, and Tina Marie T. Foster; grandparents, Walito Julian and Antonio and Yil-Na-Bah Atencio Trujillo; and four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Grace is preceded in death by her parents, Jake and Opal Trujillo; brother, Larry Trujillo; sisters, Katie T. Yazhe, Mary T. Harper and LaVonne Trujillo; and grandchildren, Rolando Belloso Ferris and Kyonia Raquel Williams. Maple Leaf Cemetery was in charge of arrangements.

David Harrison

WHEATFIELDS, Ariz. — Graveside service for David Harrison, 80, of Wheatfields, Arizona, will be held Monday, Dec. 28, at Billie’s family plot in Wheatfields, with Native American Church Roadman, Robert Tso, officiating. David was born Aug. 20, 1940, in Wheatfields, into the T?’ááshchí’í (Red Bottom People Clan), born for Ma’ii deeshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass Clan).

He passed away Dec. 17, 2020, in Phoenix. David was employed as a welder.

David is survived by his brothers, Nelson Billie and Raymond Billie; sisters, Melissa Hardin, Evelyn Tso and Pauline Pete; and three grandchildren. David is preceded in death by his son, Ronald Harrison; and Sam Billie, Alice Shirley Billie, Thomas Billie, and Steven Billie. Pallbearers will be Michael Billie, Harrison Billie, Walter Wilson, and Lance Bia.

Honorary pallbearers will be Leo Shirley, Nelson Billie and Raymond Billie. A reception will take place at the Tso’s residence in Wheatfields, following service. Silver Creek Mortuary is in charge of arrangements.

Larry Martinez Chavez

PREWITT, N.M. — Graveside service for Larry Martinez Chavez, 67, of Gallup, will be held Monday, Dec. 28, at 11 a.m., at the Prewitt community cemetery in Prewitt, New Mexico, with Edward King officiating. Larry was born Jan. 6, 1953, in Albuquerque, into the Ts’ah yisk’idnii (Sage Brush Hill Clan), born for Tábaahá (Water’s Edge Clan).

He passed away Dec. 11, 2020, in Albuquerque. Larry attended West Mesa High School in Albuquerque, and was employed as a silversmith. He loved horses and enjoyed fishing, playing in pool tournaments, and doing mechanic work.

Larry is survived by his wife, Zola Sandoval; son, Lionel L. Chavez; daughters, Nora Chavez, Vera Tsosie, Milissia Chavez, Venissa Chavez, and Chantel Chavez-Begaye; sister, Sadie Leyba; and 26 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Larry is preceded in death by his parents, Rena Leyba and Sam Chavez; sons, Landry M. Chavez and Lathan L. Chavez; and granddaughters, Halley Tsosie and Abigail Lowe.

Pallbearers will be Toby T. Sam, Tommy Sam, Jonathan Roanhorse, Byron Begaye, Tyson Thomas, and Tyler Thomas. Honorary pallbearer will be Lionel L. Chavez.

A curbside reception (for immediate family only) will take place at the Chavez residence (327 Black Diamond Canyon Drive, Space 45, behind old Terrace Apartments), following service. Rollie Mortuary is in charge of arrangements.

Wayne Anderson

GALLUP — Graveside service for Wayne Anderson, 83, of Mariano Lake, New Mexico, was held Dec. 21 at the Gallup City Cemetery with Father Jim Walker officiating.

Wayne was born Feb. 1, 1937, in Mariano Lake, into the Tó baazhní’ázhí (Two Who Came To the Water Clan), born for Kiyaa’áanii (Towering House Clan). He passed away Dec. 16, 2020, in Gallup. Wayne is survived by his daughter, Vera Brown of Naschitti, New Mexico.

Wayne is preceded in death by his parents, Charles and Mabel Brown Anderson. Pallbearers will be family members. Rollie Mortuary was in charge of arrangements.

Irving James Toddy

ST. MICHAELS, Ariz. — Funeral services for Irving James Toddy, 69, of Pine Springs, Arizona, were held Dec. 21 at the St. Michaels Mission in St. Michaels, Arizona. Interment followed in St. Michaels.

Irving was born Feb. 4, 1951, in Ganado, Arizona, into the Bit’ahnii (Folded Arms People Clan), born for Red Streak Across Forehead (Zuni). He passed away Nov. 25, 2020, in Farmington. Irving received a master’s degree from Utah State University and was a self-employed artist.

Irving is survived by his wife, Stella Toddy; son, Loren James Toddy; daughters, Tia Lynn Toddy, Nasbah Lillian Toddy and Kimberly Lynn Toddy; father, Jimmy Toddy Sr.; brothers, Marvin Toddy, Calvin Toddy, Gilbert Bennett, and Robert Bennett Jr.; sisters, Jenny Long and Velma Toddy; grandparents, Nezbah Burnside and Tom Roan; and 12 grandchildren.

Pallbearers were Philbert Toddy, Loren J. Toddy, Antonio Guzman, Azriel T. Tsosie, Shane Yazzie, and Erwin Toddy.

Honorary pallbearers were Baje Whitethorne, Naveek Keith Toddy, Jimmy Toddy Sr., Freddy Roan Sr., and Alvin Roan. Silver Creek Mortuary was in charge of arrangements.

Barry Davis

CHINLE — Graveside service for Barry Davis, 44, of Chinle, will be held Thursday, Dec. 24, at the old cemetery Davis family plot in Chinle, with Daniel Smiley officiating.

Barry was born Nov. 15, 1976, in Fort Defiance, into the Ta’neeszahnii (Tangle Clan), born for Ma’ii deeshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass Clan). He passed away Dec. 20, 2020, in Chinle. Barry is survived by his parents, Chee and Nellie Davis; brothers, Harry Davis, Jerry Davis, Terry Davis, Darry Davis, and Varry Davis; sisters, Emma Davis, Delisa Davis, Nettie Davis, and Aggie Davis; maternal grandfather, Etsitty Lee Benally; and paternal grandparents, Charley and Yakidezbah Davis.

Barry is preceded in death by his brother, Larry Davis; sister, Joann Yazzie; and maternal grandmother, Bessie Lee Benally. Pallbearers will be Varry Davis, Samuel Davis, Nicholas Ryan, Tristan Xicohtencatl, Sheldon Curley, and Lemax Benally. Honorary pallbearer will be Mavin Davis. Silver Creek Mortuary is in charge of arrangements.


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