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Candidates for presidency total 15


Election season is officially underway as candidates from across the Navajo Nation filed for a variety of offices.


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The filing period for the primary election closed May 4 with 15 individuals submitting applications for president.

Those who filed for president are:

  • Jonathan Nez of Shą́ą́’tóhí.
  • Greg H. Bigman of T’iis Názbąs.
  • Dineh Benally of Naat’áanii Nééz-Tsébit’a’í.
  • Rosanna Jumbo-Fitch of Ch’ínílį.
  • Earl L. Sombrero of Ts’ahbiikin.
  • Justin Jones of Tsé Nitsaa Deez’áhí.
  • Frank Dayish of Naat’áanii Nééz-Tsébit’a’í.
  • Leslie M. Tsosie of Tsé ‘íí’áhí Chapter.
  • Ethel Billie Branch of Tsiizizii.
  • Frankie Davis of Pueblo Pintado Chapter.
  • Emily Ellison of Chéch’iltah.
  • Buu Nygren of Red Mesa Chapter.
  • Sandra Jeff of Tóhaijiileehé.
  • Kevin Cody of Piñon Chapter.
  • Dolly Manson of Hardrock Chapter.

Those who filed for Council:

  • Chinle: Shawna Ann Claw, Leland Leonard, and Sharon Yazzie.
  • Black Mesa/Forest Lake/Hardrock/Piñon/Whippoorwill: Malcolm L. Long, Bill Yazzie, Germaine Simonson, and Amos F. Johnson.
  • Low Mountain/Many Farms/Nazlini/Táchii-Blue Gap/Tsélání-Cottonwood: Kee Allen Begay Jr., Kyle L. Rockbridge, and Crystalyne Curley.
  • Rock Point, Lukachukai, Round Rock, Tsaile/Wheatfields Lake/Tséch’ízhí: Carl Roessel Slater, Crystal C. Littleben, Herman Largo, and Michael R. Chee.
  • Manuelito/Bááháálí/Tsayatoh/Rocksprings/Chéch’iltah/Tsé Łichíí: Seth Damon.
  • Whiterock/Lake Valley/Nahidishgish/Tsé’ii’ahi/Becenti/Nageezi/Crownpoint/Huerfano: Mark Freeland, and Danny Simpson.
  • Pueblo Pintado/Casamero Lake/Whitehorse Lake/Counselor/Ojo Encino/Littlewater/Torreon/Baca-Prewitt: George T. Tolth, Cecil Lewis Jr., Leonard Tsosie, Daniel E. Tso, and Daniel Augustine.
  • Smith Lake/Inyanbito/Mariano Lake/Pinedale/Thoreau/Church Rock: April J. Silversmith, Steven Arviso, Judy K. Platero, Albert Shirley, Brenda L. Hoskie, Edmund E. Yazzie, Melinda Arviso-Ciocco, and Titus J. Nez.
  • Tohajiilee/Ramah/Alamo: Jamie Henio, Norman M. Begay, and Jacqueline Platero.
  • Bahastł’ah/Coyote Canyon/Mexican Springs/Nahashch’idí/Tohatchi: JT Willie, Olin Kieyoomia, Pernell Halona, Larry Tsosie, Peter Watchman, Rayline Charley, Willis Nez, Harrison Plummer, Wilder M. Halona, Chester Carl, Nathan Notah, and Alfred Damon.
  • Cornfields/Ganado/Jeddito/Kin Dah Łichíí/Steamboat: Jack Whitehorse Jr., Richie Nez, and Vince James.
  • Crystal/Fort Defiance/Red Lake/Sawmill: Wilson C. Stewart Jr., Andy Nez, Harold Wauneka, Arval T. McCabe, and Benjamin L. Bennett.
  • Dilcon/Greasewood Springs/Indian Wells/Teesto/Whitecone: Calvin F. Lee, Elmer P. Begay, Cherilyn Yazzie, Arthur Hardy Jr., Vinton Dale Yazzie, and Lee Jack Sr.
  • Houck/Klagetoh/Nahat’á Dziil/Tsé Si Ani/Wide Ruins: Sherman Yazzie, Raymond Smith Jr., Chester Roan, Roland Francis Lee, Lomardo Aseret, Merv J. Lynch, and Arbin Mitchell.
  • Oaksprings/St. Michaels: Brenda Jesus, Ernest Nez. Sr., Austin Yazzie Sr., Marilyn Yazzie, Eddison James, Wauneka, and Justin Antone.
  • Coppermine/Kaibeto/LeChee/Tonalea/Bodaway-Gap: Paul Begay and Helena Nez Begay.
    Ts’ahbiikin/Naatsis’áán/Shonto/Oljato-Monument Valley: Henry Stevens and Herman Daniels.
  • Tónaneesdizí: Maredith Thomas, Justice M. Beard, Otto Tso, and Angelita Williams.
  • Cameron/Coalmine Canyon/Birdsprings/Leupp/Tolani Lake: Thomas Walker Jr., and Casey Allen Johnson.
  • Chilchinbeto/Dennehotso/Kayenta: Paul Madson, Tully Begay, Iverne Parrish-John, Shaandiin Parrish, Nathaniel Brown, and Eugene Badonie.
    Rosita A. Kelly, executive director for the Navajo Election Administration, said candidate filing began April 21.

Candidate qualifications are determined within 14 days after the last day of filing (May 4).

Once this is completed, letters that certify the candidates met the qualifications are mailed out. Those letters were mailed May 6. The grievance period began May 7 and ends on May 16.

During this period, candidates may file grievance with the Office of Hearings and Appeals.

Challenges are among the candidates. Appeals to challenge certified candidates must be filed by the candidate in the same district of chapters for the same office they are competing for.

Kelly said an appeal challenging a candidate for president must be filed by a candidate for president.

The election office will provide an official list of all certified candidates on May 17. The official list will be posted on the election website.

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