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Letters: We’ve always trusted the wrong people

Trust in government has had its day. So who can we trust with the leadership of the Diné Nation? Or who, if anyone, can we trust in government these days?


News Briefs: Assayii Lake Fire a factor in top official’s resignation

An investigation into allegations that employees of the Parks and Recreation Department started the recent Assayii Lake Fire was one of the factors that led to Navajo Nation President Ben

Life Music

From inspiration to performance

Students hear their music compositions come to life through string quartet Chinle High School students heard music they composed come to life during the Grand Canyon Music Festival on Aug.


Black Rock Acres is an eyesore

Today’s youth face many risks, including loss of language, culture, drug use, violence, suicide, and alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse has serious consequences in homes, schools and communities. Within the last

Track & Field

Lady Hawks win thanks to strong finish by Johnson

For much of the race the Thoreau Lady Hawks had the Rehoboth Lady Lynx on their hip. But with four runners in the top 11 and a strong finish by

Election 2014 Politics

Results of 2014 Tribal Council Races

Here are official results for Navajo Nation Tribal Council, as reported by the Navajo Nation Elections Administration. Download a PDF of the results provided by the Navajo Nation Election Administration:

Election 2014 Politics

Unofficial results of 2014 Navajo Nation presidential primary election

Unofficial results for Navajo Nation Presidential Primary, as reported by the Navajo Nation Elections Administration on Tuesday night, Aug. 26, 2014: 110 of 110 polls reporting Joe Shirley, Jr.: 10,910


In or out of your comfort zone? Chief Manuelito scholars take both tacks

It’s not failure that will hold you back in life. But fear of failure — that will get you every time. That’s the message Mariah Claw, keynote speaker at Saturday’s