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Just in time for Sovereignty Day, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority broke ground on a project that will help the Navajo Nation transition from consumer to producer of electrical power.

When Brandon Cly’s car broke down, he commuted by Navajo Transit to Church’s Chicken in Chinle where he and several others attended fast food training.

With Peabody Energy Corporation’s warning on March 17 that it may be the next coal giant to topple, ears are perking up on Navajo.

For decades, Navajo tribal leaders have been trying to learn the secret of bringing economic development to the job-scarce Navajo Reservation.

Known for his ability to facilitate fun, Pax Harvey decompresses at the gym with squats, likely on the least fun list for gym-goers.

Flea market’s newest tenant offers Texas-style barbeque

Diné uses family teachings, upbringing to inspire youth

As the Window Rock cinema opened for the first time in 24 years, a light saber battle had begun before Star Wars went on screen.

“Star Wars” fans in Window Rock won’t miss the premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” when it hits theaters on Dec. 18

Outside the brand new Denny’s restaurant Sunday, the line was snaking through the parking lot and was almost out to the street as people eagerly waited to be among the first served at Chinle’s first sit-down chain restaurant.