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Dozens of fans greet man walking in bear suit

Dozens of fans greet man walking in bear suit


A 33-year-old California man in a giant teddy bear suit of his own creation is walking through Diné Bikéyah.

The man in the shash yáázh (daane’į́h) suit, Jessy Larios, is walking on Navajo Route 15, making his way toward U.S. Route 191 and State Highway 264 to Tsébigháhoodzání and Na’nízhoozhí.

To raise money – on GoFundMe – for multiple causes such as autism, cancer and the environment, Larios is walking from Los Angeles to Times Square in New York City.

Larios on July 29 arrived in Kinłání-Dook’o’oosłííd, where he visited the Museum of Northern Arizona. He dressed as a bear he named “Bearsun,” which has a padded head, round red cheeks, and a bobble tail.

“A little wet, but I’m good,” Bearsun said when he arrived at the museum during a rainfall.

Navajo Times | Sharon Chischilly
Erik Laughter from Shonto, Ariz., takes a selfie with Bearsun Friday afternoon at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff.

Bearsun started his long walk from Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo neighborhood on July 5 and has been braving sweltering temperatures since then. But his journey has morphed into something bigger: drawing fans from all over.

He gets buoyed by fans and supporters who stop to pose for photos along the way.

Erik Laughter from Shonto, Arizona, took his family to meet Bearsun at the museum last Friday afternoon when Bearsun took a short pause to have a pizza lunch break before meeting more than 200 fans outside the museum.

Laughter said he followed Bearsun on social media when Bearsun crossed into Arizona along U.S. Route 95 on July 19.

“Until he started entering Arizona, that’s when (Bearsun) really caught my eye,” said Laughter, who learned of Bearsun about three weeks ago. “When he got to Seligman and Williams, I said, ‘Oh my god! He’s pretty close!’ I started watching his TikTok (videos) that he made in the past and tried to catch up.

“His cause is pretty cool,” he said. “He might be a minor celebrity, but I’ve never met anyone willing to cross the entire country before.”

Since then, Bearsun has stopped in several places, including Oatman, Kingman, Peach Springs, Seligman, Ash Fork and Williams, sharing photos of himself in the foreground of the famed Steam Engine No. 3759 at the Locomotive Park, walking down Route 66, on the Grand Canyon Skywalk at Eagle Point, visiting Bearizona and petting donkeys.

In Flagstaff, Bearsun learned about the tribes of the Colorado Plateau and posed next to the Hopi R2D2, a droid from the museum’s art exhibit “The Force is With Our People,” which reflects Star Wars themes such as endurance and rebellion.

The museum staff also presented him with a Zuni shash fetish, which Larios said he accepted but didn’t know what to say about receiving an “awesome” Native gift of a “bear with a backpack,” meaning the medicine bundle tightly bound with sinew which symbolizes strength and healing.

“And I have a backpack!” Bearsun exclaimed.

Navajo Times | Sharon Chischilly
Bearsun walks with dogs while supporters and fans greet him as he makes his way into Dilkon Sunday evening in Leupp, Ariz.

“(The) Zuni fetish … has a piece of stone on its back and he was very interested in that,” explained Darvin Descheny, interim public programs manager at the MNA, who helped bring Bearsun to the museum.

Descheny, Diné, said Bearsun saw the Zuni shash fetishes in the museum’s Babbitt Gallery and learned that shash often travel from the west just as he is.

“We talked to him about what the bear represents (in Diné culture),” Descheny said. “I talked about the symbolism and the strength a bear represents. I told him that’s our (Diné) belief.

“And he’s going to be traveling through the Navajo Nation,” he said, “so he’ll have that strength and resilience with him in his journey (to New York City).”

Larios said he’s keeping Bearsun’s social media followers in the loop by posting frequent updates on his whereabouts.

Over the weekend, Bearsun walked through Leupp and Dilkon, where he was greeted and welcomed by dozens of fans and attended a powwow. Bearsun didn’t watch the powwow in Tsézhin Dilkǫǫh because he was occupied with fans.

A Diné family also gifted Bearsun with a pair of kélchí near 2 Bar 3 on Leupp Road. Bearsun wore the kélchí into Tsiizizii where another group secured the pair. He was originally wearing Adidas footwear.

“I’m cool with the swap of shoes I made today,” Bearsun said on Saturday. “I don’t need another pair (of Adidas). Thank you, guys! Adidas to moccs!”

Navajo Times | Sharon Chischilly
Jasmine Joe, Neveah Harrison, and Lone Joe take a photo with Bearsun during a back-to-school social powwow at Betoney Park on Monday evening in Dilkon, Ariz.

More than 123,000 people on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are following his journey.

They are also helping him raise money for five charities – Active Minds, Autism Society of America, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Villa Esperanza, and Environmental Defense Fund. He’s raised more than $34,200 as of Aug. 3.

“Everything’s been unexpected,” said Larios inside his Bearsun suit, in an interview with the Navajo Times. “It’s interesting.”

Larios said he usually sleeps and rests as Bearsun “under a tree” alongside the highway or in a tent that he carries in a backpack. Larios said when he takes off his Bearsun suit, that’s when he takes out his cleaning supplies and sewing kit to clean and repair rips and tears, respectively, on Bearsun.

He carries a toothbrush, some toothpaste, snacks, and extra clothes inside his backpack.

When asked what he as Bearsun likes to eat, Larios said “Bears eat everything. Especially ice cream.”

Larios added that he cannot reveal his nationality.

Bearsun was also welcomed home to the Colorado Plateau by the museum staff when he reached the Dook’o’oosłííd area, adding that he’s learned that Natives like to joke around “a lot, which is awesome!”


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