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Navajo-Hopi panel plans meetings in relo areas


In last week’s Navajo-Hopi Land Commission meeting, delegates Jimmy Yellowhair and Vince James proposed that future meetings rotate through chapters in each district of the nine commissioners, who represent some of the areas most heavily impacted by relocation. Everyone present agreed that was a good idea.

“We want to hear about the struggles in the communities,” said Chairman Otto Tso. “The commission was put in place to make sure that ONHIR finishes its job and meets its responsibilities, goals, and obligations.”

The first such meeting will be held in early June at Hardrock Chapter in Yellowhair’s district, which includes five chapters. At these meetings, the panel will hear reports from chapter officials about outstanding needs and unresolved issues.

“I am very thrilled,” said Hardrock Chapter President Tim Johnson. “It’s all about education, and making everyone aware and enlightened on the situation — how it started, what has happened, where we’re at right now, and where do we need to go?”

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