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Obituaries for May 19. 2022

Kimberlee Benally

Kimberlee Benally

ST. MICHAELS, Ariz. – Funeral services for Kimberlee Benally, 39, of St. Michaels, Arizona, were held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 17.
Officiating was Bishop Ray Holyan. Services were at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St. Michaels, and burial was at St. Michaels Community Cemetery.

Benally was born May 11, 1982, in Fort Defiance. She passed away May 8 in Phoenix.

She was Tábąąhá, born for Honágháahnii.

Benally was a graduate of Window Rock High and obtained her bachelor’s degree in health care administration.

Benally enjoyed sewing, beading necklaces, and cooking.

Benally is survived by her husband, Karl Jim, of Flagstaff; son, Ari Craig, of St. Michaels; sisters, Terrilyn Cook of Cross Canyon, Christine Haven of San Tan Valley, Kameo Benally of St. Michaels, and Tiffani Benally of St. Michaels.

Benally is preceded in death by her brother, Gary Benally; grandparents, Pauline Whitesinger, John Whitesinger, Etsitty Benally, and Ruth Whitesinger Benally.

Pallbearers were Ty Wauneka, Forrest Benally, Joshua “JJ” Haven, Gabriel Benally, Leander White, and Melix Cowboy.

Honorary pallbearers were Powen Benally, Silas Benally, Joshua Haven Sr., George Cook, and Clinton Jim Jr.

Summit Funeral Home oversaw arrangements.

John Edward Francis

ALBUQUERQUE – John Edward Francis, 33, of Albuquerque and Gallup, died suddenly in Torrivio Mesa on April 1.

Francis was born Nov. 12, 1988. He was Tódích’íi’nii and born for the Bitáá’chii’nii (Táchii’nii). His cheii is Áshįįhí and his nálí is Kiyaa’áanii.

Francis was a caring, loving, and wonderful soul. He was a free spirit crafted by the Holy People. He loved to code, tune cars, off-roading, rebuild computers, watch movies, visit, study, play board games with friends and family, and chat on the phone for two hours or more.

Francis graduated from Ignacio High, Navajo Technical College, and DeVry University with a bachelor’s in IT management systems. Before his death, John completed an A-plus certification from New Horizon Academy. Professionally, John thrived in the fast-paced IT environment where he liked to challenge and couldn’t wait to be at the top of his game. He was very passionate about his IT career and motivated to teach his Native people his skills. He wanted to contribute his education back to the Navajo Nation but was cut off by his mental illness.

His three children survive John: Andre Thompson of Ignacio, Colorado, Silver Star of Church Rock, and Eli Francis of Tuba City; his parents, Susie Jo and Craig Reinhart of Pagosa Springs, Colorado; his sister, Kristen Laughlin (Derrick & Mason) of Albuquerque; his brother, Marcus Joe; his step-dad, Vernon Laughlin; his paternal grandma and grandfather, Anita Francis of Chinle and Johnny Spencer of Coyote Canyon; step-brothers, James and Daniel Reinhart of Durango, Colorado; step-sister, Beth Reinhart of Grand Junction, Colorado; aunties, JoAnn Muskett, Shirley McCabe, Fannie Begay, Daisy Joe-Nez, Candice Spencer, Juanita Francis, Jennifer Francis, and Michelle Francis; and uncles, Harrison Joe, Perry Joe, William Joe, Sam Joe, JR, Mike Francis, and Perry Francis.

John was beloved by many of his cousins from the Joe family, the Francis family, and the Spencer family.

John is preceded in death by his father, Jimmy Francis; his maternal grandparents, Morris and Mary Joe of Teec Nos Pos; his paternal grandpa, James Francis; and his favorite uncle, June Mojo Jr.

Trujillo Family Funeral Home oversaw his cremation and memorial services on April 20. A reception followed at Rudy’s Bar-B-Q.

Thank you so much to all those who donated money and offered prayers and comfort during this difficult time. John will be forever missed and leaves behind a large group of those who loved him dearly.

Doobie Tully Yazzie

Doobie Tully Yazzie

TSE BONITO, N.M. – Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó shiDine’é. Shí éí Amanda Nasbah James yinishyé. Shí éí Tódích’íi’nii nishłį́, Tsi’naajinii báshíshchíín, Honágháahnii dashicheii, Kinyaa’áanii dashinálí. Ákót’éego Diné asdzáán nishłį́. Łichíí Deez’áhídę́ę́ t’áá íiyisíí naashá.

From the family of Doobie Tully Yazzie, I am writing to you about a special memorial event attended by loved ones around the Navajo Reservation and the outer regions from all over the country.

You are all respectfully invited to lay our son, brother, father, uncle, and grandpa Delbert Tully Yazzie, also known as “Doobie,” to rest.

At 56, Doobie was originally from Sanders, Arizona, and his memorial service will be held on Saturday, May 21, at 10 a.m., at the House of Prayer in Houck, Arizona. Doobie passed away on May 8 in Flagstaff, surrounded by his son, siblings, and those closest to him.

Doobie was born on Dec. 30, 1965, in Gallup, into Tódích’íi’nii (Bitter Water Clan), born for Honágháahnii (One Walks Around You Clan). His maternal grandfather is Mą’ii Deeshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass Clan), and his paternal grandfather is Kinyaa’áanii (Towering House Clan).

His hobby was playing chess – he loved playing chess. He loved jive-talking, and making others laugh with his spontaneous humor; he enjoyed playing card games and long walks from the House of the Rising Sun. He was a free soul; he went as he pleased and found comfort in reading. He played with his artistic abilities to show how he felt. And most importantly, he always wanted to be acknowledged as “Doobie” and never as the government name.

Doobie is survived by his only son Dillon Yazzie; sisters, Pearl Silver of Flagstaff and Delphine Tully Wee of Farmington and Evangeline Yazzie of Salt Lake City; and brother, Lou Anderson Yazzie of Birdsprings, Arizona; and three beautiful grandchildren, Nicholas William Yazzie, Kimberly Adeezbaa Yazzie, and Levi Thomas Yazzie.

Doobie is preceded in death by his daughter, Dara Yazzie; parents, Thomas and Alice Tully Yazzie of Sanders, Arizona; and grandparents, John and Mary Silver of Wide Ruins, Arizona, and Egbert and Mary Nasbah Yazzie of Greasewood, Arizona.

The memorial service will be held in Houck, Arizona, on Saturday, May 21, at 10 a.m. Pastor Gilbert Tully will officiate on behalf of Dillon Yazzie and his family.

An interment ceremony at the New Houck Cemetery burial site will follow the leading memorial service. Doobie will be formally laid to rest with his daughter, Dara Yazzie, and his parents, Thomas and Alice Tully Yazzie. A reception will be as follows at the House of Prayer.

Pallbearers are Jared Newman, Zachary Richards, Shaun Hoskie, Chris Haskie, Adrian Dawes, and Nate Dawes.

Honorary pallbearers are Nicholas William Yazzie, Kimberly Adeezbaa Yazzie, and Levi Thomas Yazzie.

Tse Bonito Mortuary oversees arrangements.

Johnny Slim Jr.

Johnny Slim Jr.

GALLLUP – Funeral services for Johnny Slim Sr., 77, of Lupton, Arizona, were held May 17 at the Rollie Mortuary Chapel in Gallup.

Burial services followed at Houck, Arizona. Ronald Yazzie officiated at the services.

Slim was born Jan. 24, 1945, in Lupton, into Tábąąhá. He was born for Bitáá’chii’nii (Táchii’nii). He passed away May 9 in Albuquerque.

Slim attended Intermountain School in Birmingham City. He worked as a farmer in Burley, Idaho, and later as a sheepherder in Smith Lake, New Mexico. He enjoyed sheepherding, building and fixing stuff, and training horses, and he loved spending time with his family and grandchildren.

Slim is survived by his sons, Fred Slim of Winslow, and Jonathan Slim of Casamero Lake; daughters, Ralphelia Slim-Falla of Chandler, Evangeline Slim of Albuquerque, and Evaline Slim of Albuquerque; brothers, Leonard Slim, Jone Fransisco, Kenneth Slim, and Daniel Slim; sisters, Nettie Slim, Helen Slim, Esther Bodie, Minnie Woody, and Rita Daye; and 12 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Slim is preceded in death by his father, John Slim Sr.; his mother, Geebah Smith; brothers, Sam Slim and Benny Slim; daughters, Vicki Slim and Victoria Slim.

Pallbearers were Jonathan Slim Jr., Jeremiah Slim, Jacob Slim, Jayson Slim, Jeremy Slim, and Leroy Ramone.

Honorary pallbearers were his brothers, Johnathan Slim Sr., Jonathan Ashley, and Benny Slim Sr.

Rollie Mortuary oversaw arrangements.

Dorothy Jane Gould

CRYSTAL, N.M. — Funeral services for Dorothy Jane Gould, 95, of Crystal, will be held at 10 a.m. today. Father Maynard will be officiating the graveside service at the family plot in Crystal.

Gould was born July 13, 1926, in Crystal. She was Áshįįhí (Salt People Clan), born for Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak Wood People Clan). She passed away May 15 at Fort Defiance.

Gould attended Wingate Junior High. She was a homemaker and she enjoyed weaving as her hobby and lifestyle.

Gould is survived by her sons Myron Gould and Micheal Gould; daughters Lillie Gould-Soto, Barbara Kayaanii, Emma Gould, Rose Gould and Maxine Gould; sisters, Helen Stewart and Victoria Haley.

Gould was preceded in death by her husband, Francis Gould; daughter, Linda Abundis; and son, Freddy Gould.

Pallbearers are Nathan Ashley, Lincoln Kayaani, Isiah Gould, Juan Abundis, Monica Abundis and Basilio Tsabetsaye.

Honorary pallbearers are Lydell Gould, Ryan Soto and Bryan Tsabetsaye.

A drive-by reception will be held. Silver Creek Mortuary is in charge of arrangements.

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