Newcomb really is ‘relentless’

Newcomb really is ‘relentless’


The Newcomb High School boys’ basketball team is living up to the phrase on the back of their jerseys.

The team has pledged to remain “relentless” this season, and so far, they have, especially in the district season. Their latest act of unrelenting basketball came last Thursday when the Skyhawks defeated District 1-2A rival Rehoboth Christian 67-53 to add to their 7-0 undefeated district record.

Newcomb head coach Dominique Richardson said the team went into the game with little intention of backing down and will go forward in the season the exact same way.

“We want to finish strong and treat every opponent as if they’re just as equal as what we are,” he said. “We know what our ending goal is: to try to get to Albuquerque in March.”

In typical Skyhawk fashion, Newcomb started the game off running.

They put together a quick 7-2 lead as they warmed up to the Lynx.

Rehoboth stayed close behind trailing 15-7 after the first quarter.

Newcomb turned their offense and defense into high gear in the second with short, yet significant, runs. The Skyhawks led 35-20 going into the half.

Rehoboth head coach Kevin Zwiers said the team knew what to expect with Newcomb and his team had to adjust to their style of play.

“The thing that you have to do with Newcomb is that you have to be able to handle their pressure; they’re going to full-court press and they’re going to pressure from the opening tip to the final buzzer,” he said. “If you can handle their pressure, then you’ve got a good chance.”

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