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Letters: President Nez, fire Lizer before we do! - Navajo Times
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Letters: President Nez, fire Lizer before we do!

Jonathan Nez needs to fire Myron Lizer, before we fire him. This team is proving more and more its worth — zilch.

In the last two years, while during a health pandemic and closed borders with a mandatory curfew, Myron has found time to make it off reservation into the waiting arms of Donald Trump. I suspect Myron has tribally funded security in tow, driven by a tribally funded driver in a tribally financed vehicle.

Meanwhile, Jonathan is losing more and more respect from those who thought he would be progressive and decisive, only to prove ordinary and disappointing. The pro-Trump character openly displayed and front and center from tribal zealots, has all of us wondering if this team needs to be replaced. Jonathan has recently taken up a fight with the legislative branch and vetoed much-needed funds for COVID-fighting efforts and an upcoming election.

His online rhetoric has become more and more scathing like any executive who says: My way or the highway — which harkens to any Trump “press conference.” Jonathan also has enlisted a fan club of administrators who serve at his pleasure, but do nothing but lay laurels at his feet and praise his every social media step. He has even called out social media as only “photo ops.” Sir, the only actions you are guilty of are photo ops.

Your social media and live postings are only self-promotion and have nothing to do with governing. Sounds oddly familiar with presidential tweets from D.C. Jonathan and Myron have aligned themselves with Trump and his tactics, from day one. Both have embraced organized religion and denied pleas from the LGBTQ community for equality and fairness.

Both have openly touted personal achievements on social media rather than governing responsibly with transparency. Rumors and innuendo abound about the personal character of each of you, but this is about integrity, which is chipped away each time when you find time for photo ops with Trump, when you were elected to work here on the Navajo Nation for a populace you are neglecting, who have inadequate running water, no electricity and shoddy internet connectivity, while facing COVID.

If your Trump photo ops help (in your opinion), then why would this reckless president withhold millions in CARES Act funds for Navajos? Why would they ignore your pleas for a Navajo man on death row? Why do you — Jonathan — condone the alignment of your team with Trump?

We are watching; our Congressional friends are watching; other tribes are watching. And, if you continue to allow your team to openly display its affection for Trump, you and your zealots will be fired.

Steven James
Sheepsprings, N.M.

Trump wants schools back in session while Barron stays safe

Demented Donald Trump idiotically insists local school boards should illegally force your vulnerable children back into crowded classrooms unsafely as the Trump-caused COVID-19 catastrophe only continues to get worse, while on permanent vacation Trump golfs endlessly at the taxpayers’ expense.

Delusional Donald continues to claim the coronavirus will simply “disappear, one day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear…” as some sort of sick, psychotic rationalization for his Russian-controlled regime’s intentional inaction during this deadly pandemic.

Vladimir Putin and his pathetic puppet Trump aren’t fooling anyone other than Jim Jones Trump’s Orange Kool-Aid drinkers and their greedy, hypocritical charlatan pastors in their private jets. Over 175,000 Americans are dead due to the Republican Party’s ongoing criminal negligence and purposefully incompetent cruelty.

On Nov. 3rd, the American people will finally render their political and constitutional judgment against Orange Julius Caesar in a landslide defeat for the GOP of historic proportions. Adios, Trump! And if the GOP’s dimwitted, draft-dodging version of Julius Caesar (who is more like a combover Caligula) follows through on his tyrannical, terroristic threats to sabotage and/or cancel this November’s presidential election, the American republic’s defenders will respond appropriately in the remaining days of traitor Trump’s pathological presidency. (Perhaps the Orange Emperor has never read William Shakespeare’s play about this subject?)

Speaking of Shakespeare, where in the world is the Tangerine Tyrant’s 14-year-old son Barron Trump — a sad, tragic, unloved Shakespearean character if there ever was one? Considering the virtual blackout of almost all news coverage of President Trumptanic’s troubled relationship with his youngest son Barron, isn’t it time for the craven corporate media to highlight the highly relevant fact that Barron will not be returning to school in person this year like your children, but Barron Trump will instead stay safe at home and attend class online?

Jake Pickering
Arcata, Calif.


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