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Letters: NTEC has crossed the line

Navajo Transitional Energy Company has now crossed the line. It is clear that the board of directors for NTEC must now be replaced. We call on President Nez to begin that process of selecting new board members for NTEC.

In the Navajo way, one should never use former tribal leaders against current sitting tribal leaders. NTEC buying Lorenzo Bates services has done just that. On the other hand, Mr. Bates should know better to not use his former position against current sitting tribal officials.

Lorenzo Bates lives in Delegate Ricky Nez’s chapters where Bates was the former delegate. Bates was the former Navajo Nation speaker, which Speaker Seth Damon now holds.

A number of officials have said it’s an embarrassment and disrespect to both delegate Ricky Nez and Speaker Damon as Lorenzo Bates becomes the hired hand for NTEC in Nez/Damon’s backyard.

NTEC CEO and board have crossed the line by pitting Bates against the former leadership. President Nez needs to step forth and replace the NTEC board. Such Navajo disrespect from the NTEC board by allowing the CEO of NTEC to do this should never be tolerated.

Recently, Lorenzo Bates set up a secret meeting with President Nez and NTEC in Las Vegas. The issue of obtaining the bonds and permits for the new mines is a concern for NTEC. All the executive managers of NTEC, including the CEO, have moved their offices to Denver, Colorado, into Cloud Peak’s former offices.

The NTEC executive managers are non-Navajos, except one. It’s clear the company is no longer a Navajo company. The board of NTEC has done nothing to get professional Navajos into those executive management positions.

It is time for the Navajo Nation to take back control of their company. The first step is to replace the NTEC Board of Directors, whose terms have all expired, with clear instructions to replace the NTEC CEO, Clark Moseley.

Finally, Mr. Bates, shame on you for ignoring Navajo tradition of Ke’ and becoming a hired gun for NTEC.

Dan Begay
Crownpoint, N.M.


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