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Waking up the morning of Father’s Day, I remember seeing a haze of smoke rising behind the eastern face of the Chooshgai Mountains.

Children in Ms. Harrison’s 4th grade class at Many Farms Elementary School wrote the following letters to Santa.

It is Christmas Eve 2014 and all of us at the Navajo Times Publishing Company want to sincerely wish all of you a wonderful and blessed Merry Christmas!

In our Diné Nation, poverty is the root of all our social and economic disasters. Sadly our leaders have done little to nothing to recognize this horror and take effective measures. Why use what remains of the $554 million settlement to establish more government programs?

Dec. 20 will be the last day to donate gently used coats for the Coat Drive I am hosting, as well as Toys for Tots.

It’s May 28, 2014, and hopeful candidates are paying their fees to run for Navajo Nation offices. All candidates sign

By Carlyle Begay Special to the Times One of the most important stories from our past must remain a focus

The Navajo Nation is back on the ventilator once again — scams after scams have sapped its energy for years

I felt like I had just stepped into yesteryear. It was 1975 and I was entering the old Window Rock High School Fieldhouse on a wintery Friday evening and the place was jammed-packed with Fighting Scouts basketball fans. The game tickets were sold out and it was standing room only.

I understand and relate to what Chris Deschene is going through. I am a Navy veteran who served in Iraq. I received an education and will be finishing up my bachelor’s degree. I want to start my master’s degree in business administration soon.