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Since 1972, the Navajo Nation has had an official First Lady, but this year that’s going to change with the nation’s Second Lady taking over the First Lady’s duties.

The Navajo Nation is now accepting applications for people who want to be Chief Justice of the Navajo Supreme Court.

The administration of Diné College has responded to a petition asking the board of regents to discipline college president Maggie George.

If you asked most elderly Navajos who are in their 60s and 70s and who went to Crownpoint Boarding School in 1965, what they may remember the most from that time is the day they got a chance to meet Daniel Boone, the famous frontiersman.

Even though Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye signed an agreement Tuesday to complete some of the Shelly-Jim administration’s projects, the Grand Canyon Escalade is not one of them.

Herb Yazzie, who has been the Navajo Nation Supreme Court Chief Justice since April 2005, announce Wednesday his retirement.

Some faculty members at Diné College are circulating a petition asking the Board of Regents and the Navajo Nation Health, Education and Human Services Committee to discipline college president Maggie George for allegedly ignoring faculty grievances

Efforts to develop a tribal constitution got off to a good start Saturday as grassroots leaders from all across the reservation met to start the process, said Norman Brown, one of its organizers.

Two suspects are dead after they lead local police on a high-speed chase that started in Colorado and ended on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico on Monday afternoon.

If you want to put a date on when modern Navajo politics began, a good date would be April 15, 1965.