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50 Years Ago: A fight, a shooting and a bartender

The Navajo Times is going after bartenders in light of a shooting that occurred in late October 1965 at a bar in Lupton.

The start of the jury trial for Alex Rios, the oldest teen indicted in the murders of Allison Gorman and Kee Thompson, has been postponed

ABQ debuts Indigenous People’s Day

Puerco Valley chapters still without funds

The Puerco Valley Certified Chapters have reopened their doors to the community but now they are facing another challenge.

Nation to take control of fire stations

The Navajo Nation by April 1 will assume control of three fire stations previously operated by San Juan County.

Detectives located one half pound of methamphetamine, one handgun, and drug paraphernalia, numerous false identification cards, drivers licenses, and numerous altered credit cards.

For the first time, the Navajo Times has decided to get involved in the annual “make the reservation look good to travel writers” program.

Grandparents prominent in new Northern royalty’s lives

U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., paused Friday at the entrance of an abandoned uranium mine.

Tuba City residents take garbage problem into their own hands