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Shiprock man on a mission to feed the hungry

Diné entrepreneur ready to give back

Diné are weekday warriors at IHS in Waashindoon!

Coalmine Canyon honors memory of U.S. Army soldier Ned Lee

“It’s scary that these young kids don’t speak it,” Lenora Watchman, a fluent Navajo speaker and mother of five, said. Her oldest child is 11 and her youngest is seven months.

“Nidá!” said MaKay Owens to his little brother who was climbing around the booth at the Diné Restaurant in Window Rock.

Bold colors, eye-catching patterns at Utah fair Elder Fest

Mother of victims of domestic violence walks to raise awareness

If you like to read, you will never lack for entertainment in this remote, somewhat desolate community.

Diné traditional style stood out through bold colors, vintage or handmade items and eye-catching patterns at the Elder Fest during