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Malihini. That’s the word 10-year-old Kelvin Winney will always remember.

A Navajo disc jockey is headed out of the country for a tour with hip-hop group Shining Soul.

There was just a hint of “Judge Judy” Sheidlin’s trademark scolding as she addressed the Shiprock High School Class of 2015 Thursday. Instead, the sternest judge on television was warm, self-deprecating and surprisingly relatable for a bilagáana from a big city clear across the country.

Walking into the Nahata ’Dziil Health Center gives you a completely different feel than what it was nearly two years ago – a warehouse.

High school graduation is a happy time, but it’s also a time when teens are at their most vulnerable.

Newly digitized records reveal the Carlisle experience

With motivation and perseverance, one Diné singer’s hard work has landed her an opening performance for the Women’s National Basketball Association.

When asked what will help them make good on the outside, three tribal members serving time in New Mexico prisons didn’t hesitate to answer.

Coke can flowers in a vase of aluminum tabs was only one of the many creations on display during Navajo Technical University’s, or NTU, Recycling Contest.

When Virginia Snake-Bumann “Tiny Snake” makes her way through water during a swim meet, the cheers start to ring out.