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Shiprock students earn Native Alliance Scholarship

WINDOW ROCK It’s a scholarship that’s funded from the pockets of alumni and Native American staff of Teach for America. The small donations add up to a big scholarship. A


Former Times reporter elected NAJA president

The first job he ever had, writing and reporting for the Navajo Times, shaped his life.


Youth Council provides Kinlichee youth with filled backpacks

About 130 students filled the gym at Kin Da Lichi’i Olta’ and anxiously awaited their surprise Friday.


We need you to come home,’ Nez tells Manuelito scholars

About 101 students received the Chief Manuelito Scholarship this year and celebrated with an awards ceremony at Red Rock Park on Friday.


250 NM students might not be allowed to attend Window Rock schools

Window Rock Unified School District (WRUSD) is currently working on options that would allow students from the Navajo Nation that live on the New Mexico side, to continue attending its schools.


Native Americans at Dartmouth address mental health issues through video project

His first year at Dartmouth College meant leaving home for the first time and dealing with the passing of his older brother.


‘We’re all about the weavers’

Wes Studi, master weavers make appearance at 10th Saddle Up! exhibit


Pet pride paraded at Red Lake event

Pit bull dogs have a reputation of being dangerous and looking mean but Nahlah, a pit bull from Navajo, N.M., may have changed that perception on Saturday at Navajo’s first pet carnival.


‘Too many winging it’

Grant will guide, invest in work of Diné artists


Summit will redefine ‘traditional’ and ‘cultural’

The first Traditional and Cultural Summit will be held this year at Wheatfields Lake with the focus of “Diné Bina’nit’n Bee As’ah Ná’ada” or “Resilence through traditional teachings to ensure longevity.”