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‘Too many winging it’

Grant will guide, invest in work of Diné artists


Summit will redefine ‘traditional’ and ‘cultural’

The first Traditional and Cultural Summit will be held this year at Wheatfields Lake with the focus of “Diné Bina’nit’n Bee As’ah Ná’ada” or “Resilence through traditional teachings to ensure longevity.”


Grants will help school libraries beef up their bookshelves

Two libraries on the Navajo Nation will be able to update their collections this summer.


Accident prompts Durango man to create wheelchair basketball camp

A car accident changed Noah Hotchkiss’ life when he was 11 years old. Now at 16, he is trying to change the lives of other Native Americans.


Béésh bizaad

When people think of Navajo jewelry they often associate it with squash blossom necklaces or turquoise rings.


Second Lady is called upon to take over First Lady duties

Since 1972, the Navajo Nation has had an official First Lady, but this year that’s going to change with the nation’s Second Lady taking over the First Lady’s duties.


Aluminum flowers, picture frame among entries at recycling contest

Coke can flowers in a vase of aluminum tabs was only one of the many creations on display during Navajo Technical University’s, or NTU, Recycling Contest.

People Sports

Native finds niche in swimming

When Virginia Snake-Bumann “Tiny Snake” makes her way through water during a swim meet, the cheers start to ring out.


Choice Wireless offering 4G LTE on Navajo

The Navajo Nation may lack a lot of things but 4G LTE service isn’t one of them anymore.


Judge still serving despite criminal complaint

A district court judge is still sitting on the bench after the prosecutor’s office filed a criminal complaint against her.