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Election 2014

Former Prez candidate Myron McLaughlin files motion to disqualify Russell Begaye

Not long after the Navajo Supreme Court’s settling of the Navajo Board of Elections’ contempt, and ordering the Navajo Election Administration to take Chris Deschene’s name off the ballot, former Navajo presidential candidate Myron McLaughlin filed a 162-page motion to have Russell Begaye disqualified, with the Office of Hearings and Appeals.

Election 2014

Election board found in contempt; Deschene to pay attorney fees

Two justices of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court — the third declining to participate in proceedings — found the Navajo Nation Board of Election Supervisors in contempt of court Friday for failing to remove Christopher Deschene.


Diné faces manslaughter, hit-and-run and endangerment after colliding with police officer

A Navajo man faces charges of manslaughter, endangerment, and hit-and-run after colliding with an Chandler, Ariz. motorcycle officer.


Navajo-Hopi Land Commission steps into livestock fray

Her sheep and goats impounded by the Hopi Rangers and Bureau of Indian Affairs and warned not to come back to her home is reason Caroline Tohonnie protested Thursday in the tribal capital.


Billy Mills brings emotional, motivational speech to Chinle

It’s been 50 years since Billy Mills won his Olympic gold metal in the 10,000-meter run in Tokyo, Japan in 1964.

Guest Essay

Tsosie: Shelly took ‘a gutless punch to this democratic movement’

Guest Essay by Delegate Leonard Tsosie: ‘He had to “duck” into his black-shaded SUV to avoid the Navajo people. Such a sad sight and day.’


$200K to assist Navajo in taking local control of BIE schools

A $200,000 check from the Interior Department will help jumpstart the Navajo Nation’s efforts to take local control of Bureau of Indian Education-funded schools.



Tuba City roper steps up to the plate and earns 1st qualification


‘The richest tribe in the world’

At a public hearing held in Window Rock on how to use the $554 million settlement with the federal government, almost everyone was in agreement with one thing – put the money into trust and use only the interest to improve the quality of life on the reservation.


Dawn of the Rez Zombie attracts nearly 40 runners

Their limbs seemed to be in proportion. Their broken skin scarcely covered the intricate work of muscles and arteries beneath. And their grey hair tousled into a straight-out-of-the-grave look was flowing when they ran after human bait.