‘Rock with Wings’

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‘Rock with Wings’

Hillerman’s daughter resurrects her father’s series


Council refinances $60 million KeyBank loan

To prevent defaulting on a loan it received from KeyBank in 2010, the Navajo Nation Council passed a bill Tuesday that allowed it to refinance on a short-term basis.


Letters: Happy 4th from Miss Navajo

Yá’át’ééh ałtaał’áásiiłgóó, shik’éí dóó shidiné’é, shihastóí, shizáanii. Mckeon K. Dempsey dashijiní. Ádoone’é ígíí éí Kiiya’áanii Dine’é nishłí dóó Tsédeeshgiizhnii Dine’é bashíshchíín. Áádóó Tódích’íi’nii Dine’é éí dashicheii dóó Biih Bitoodnii Dine’é


Learning from the best

Rising Stars camp continues to see high number of partipants


Relearning Diné bizaad topic at Intergenerational Conference

Thanks to the recent Navajo presidential election, the guest speakers at the community’s 3rd annual Intergenerational Conference on June 19 emphasized the importance of relearning Diné bizaad.

Guest Essay

Guest Column: First responders credited for preventing spread of fire near Kayenta Mine

Fighting a wildfire was the last thing on the minds of coalminers on Friday, June 26, when they arrived for work at Peabody’s Kayenta Mine.


Udall and Connor visit Chaco, seek to amend resource management plan

The protection of Chaco Canyon, while development of oil and gas occurs in the Gallup-Mancos plays, is a priority for Udall.


Eyes of an in-law

Kawano exhibit traces history through photos


Branch chiefs identify 9 priorities

With a projected six percent shortfall in the fiscal year 2016 budget, the three branch chiefs of the Navajo Nation government met in closed session Monday to identify its nine priorities.

Track & Field

Narbona Pass Classic sees steady flow of runners

Race director Dewayne Carl said entries for this Sunday’s 36th annual Narbona Pass Classic has been a steady flow.