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Fiber artist creates a fitting tribute to his first mentor

Low Mountain man sprinkles Diné in fantasy worlds

This year marks Diné College’s golden anniversary. But it’s starting out the celebration with a little silver.

Sanders family excels at obscure sport

When Amy Mitchell was nine years old her mother, Charlene Mitchell, asked her if there was an instrument that she wanted to learn.

Amid the urban sprawl of the Phoenix metro area stood a small hogan. The door was covered with a brown fleece blanket with a Pendleton design.

I’ve always had a passing interest in the art of R.C. Gorman, even before I moved to his hometown.

Most musicians love what they do … except for the money part.

Joe Pacal is looking to the Navajo Nation in hopes of receiving funds to hire interested gardeners to train under him and learn ecologically sustainable gardening methods.

From the time she was a young girl growing up in Fort Defiance, Evana Bennett said she was going to be a movie star one day. She has made those dreams come true.